Murs+Slug is the group, but Felt is the fabric
OR: Izzuzu Troopah!

It was announced this week that LA indie-rap living legend Murs would be teaming up with 1 half of Minnasoda's Atmosphere, Slug for for the 3rd in their series of tributes, Felt 3.

Each one of the previous releases was a "tribute" to an actress who was (at the point of release) out of the public eye. The first, produced by Living Legends' The Grouch was "A Tribute to Christina Ricci". The second, was produced by Atmosphere's Ant, and was "A Tribute to Lisa Bonet" (with comic book accompaniment by Jim Mahfood).

On the third release they've decided to have fun with the fans and be secretive about who the producer is and who the tribute is going to be to.

Murs + ? + Slug = Felt 3: A Tribute to _____ _____.


Well, before it's revealed, I'll put in my guess and see if it turns out being right. The producer has been heavily rumored to be everyone from Wu Tang's The RZA to Jake One to rapper Aesop Rock, but the actress is completely up in the air.

My guess:

Murs + Aesop Rock + Slug = Felt 3: A Tribute to Rosie Perez.

We'll see!!

In the mean time, get the new track "Protagonists" HERE (Right-Click, "Save As...")

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