Celling Out

Through the last few years, if you were to ask me what my pet peeve what fucking pissed me off more than anything was, without missing a beat, I'd tell you: Cell Phones. I've never had one, I've never wanted one. "I don't believe in them...well, I believe they exist..." I'd quip.
But even more specifically, the way cell phones make people act. They're like a skeleton key to complete social retardation. I tend to look at cell phones the way most people look at nuclear weapons, in that I don't believe society as a whole is intelligent enough to deal with them responsibly.

Comic artist extrodinaire Jim Mahfood once wrote a brilliant one-page comic on the phenomenon, illustrating some of the people and situations which make cell phones that much more repulsive.
Check that out by clicking the thumb.

If I had ultimate rule over the earth, one of the things I would do would be to implement a 3-day schooling program one would have to go take in order to obtain their license to operate a cell phone.
All 3 days would be on etiquette. Basic non-cell phone etiquette would be covered first. Restaurant, retail store and public transit etiquette would be heavily stressed. Doing anything on your cell phone while in a movie theatre would be grounds for immediate failure.
People would hate me as their leader, but the world would be a better place.

Even worse is the recent popularity of Blue Tooth headsets. People who are so busy doing super important business like ordering at Starbucks and waiting at the crosswalk to utilize one of their arms. Having a home answering machine, or even a normal cell phone is simply not enough for trips to the grocery store. I'm sorry, but unless you're a brain surgeon, a high powered stock trader, or are in any profession where you can pull off the Jeremy Piven from Entourage/Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross thing, you have no practical use for a bluetooth headset. This isn't some Robocop future and you can't purchase cybernetic ears three stores down from a Jamba Juice at the mall. The level of self-important douchbaggery needed to confidently adorn one of those contraptions is off the chart.

So, as a whole, Cell phones are whack.


That said, a little over a month ago, I bought an Apple iPhone.

Yeah, I kind of sold out (or more accurately, bought-in).
But admittedly, as long as I don't become one of those people, I think this gadgets gloriously nerdy ends justify the means. I've always been a fan of Apple's gadgets (though not it's computers, or offputtingly aggressive marketing), and this one is no different. At least thats what I think How I've justified it to myself.

Cool/Pointless things I've done on the iPhone thus far
So, as you can clearly see, it's benefiting my life, and as yet I haven't became a drooling, slack-jawed morons, shouting "YEAH...YEAH, I'M ON THE BUS, BRO. FUCKIN' KILLER! WHERE YOU AT?...WHAT...YO, THAT GIRLS A FUCKING BITCH, GUY." into their phones while on (you guessed it) the bus.

So maybe it's possible to be a calm, responsible cell phone user?
Sadly, I think the ratio is similar to that of gun owners. I don't think the majority of people have the common courtesy to avoid being annoying and rude to others to begin with, and giving most of these people cell phones is sort of like giving a bullhorn to someone with tourette's.


Hey neat! I'm published again, and now again by the leading source of punk news, Punknews.org.

They recently posted a review of the Rancid DVD I wrote for them a few months ago, and now a review of Michael Moore's new film "Slacker Uprising" (that I touched on briefly in the last "This week in Awesome"), that I wrote yesturday.
I even have my own writer page now.

I may make a habit of this...


This week in Awesome - Last week of September

Sbemail 200/Strongbadia, The Free
It was a landmark week this week for the Brothers Chaps (AKA Mike and Matt Chapman), as the 200th StrongBad E-mail (or SBEmail) was released (left).

For the full experience, Click Here for the "Place ya Bets" Teaser
then, Click Here for the Delete-Heads Easter Egg,
and finally Here for the 200th sbemail (with a singing Poopsmith!!)

Not only that, but "StrongBadia, The Free", the second installment of their point-n-click adventure series "StrongBad's Cool Game for Attractive People" was released on Monday for Wii & PCs. It costs 1000 Wii Points, so with my remaining points, I got Samurai Showdown 2. Haohmaru!
If for some reason you're unfamilliar with the world of H*R, TellTale Games posted a very decent list of favorites as a primer, and for the record, I reccomend "Kind of Cool", "Techno", "Dangeresque 3","Montage" & "Virus", among many others. oh, and "New Boots".

Dave Letterman ripping john McCain a new Asshole

and part 2, the following evening!

As Jon Stewart was quick to point out, it seems all John McCain got accomplished by suspending his campaign to run off and save the economy, was piss off Dave Letterman.
Personally, I love seeing Dave get some of his fire back. He's still my favorite late night host (I don't care what anyone says, Conan jumped the Shark when Andy Richter left), but he doesn't have the same panache he had in the 90s when he would do Taco Bell drive-thrus and get flashed by Drew Barrymore (speaking of not having the same effect on me now as in the 90s...).

Slacker Uprising
I intend to write a full review of the movie in the new few days, But the release of Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising" marks the first ever major motion picture released for free on the internets. I'd love to see more film makers take this approach, especially documentary film makers.
The "In Rainbows" business model lives on...

Anime Me
Faceyourmanga.com allows you to create better looking cartoon versions of yourself. Like so...

I think it turned out pretty well!


Comic Nerd BiWeekly: This Weeks Pulls...

(Some of these are a little older, cause I haven't made it out to the comic store in a couple weeks...)

All Star Batman & Robin #10, NYX: No Way Home #2, Ultimates 3 # 5 (Robot Variant)

Runaways (Vol. 3) # 2, Kick Drum Comix # 1

Dillinger Four Drama!!

(Note: I started writing this for the upcoming "This week in awesome", but upon thinking about it, realized that while it's an interesting series of events, It would be a stretch to say it's "Awesome", much less one of the most awesome things of the week.)

It seems to be about once or twice a year that the collective online punk community throws itself into some sort of tizzy. Rancid signing to Warner Bros on the cusp of releasing their "Indestructible" album in 2003 was one. Ditto when Against Me! did the same thing a couple of years later. Now it seems controversy season is upon us again with the leak of Dillinger Four's loooong awaited new album "C I V I L W A R".

This type of hoopla (especially in the case of major label signings) is generally the result of overzealous fandom that seems synonymous with this type of music. But I felt this one brings about several compelling arguments, in regards to file sharing, journalistic integrity, the increasing level of album leaks and the music industry in general.

The story goes like this: Aaron Hale, an amateur writer from online magazine Racket, was given access to a stream of the album via Racket, by way of the good people at Fat Wreck chords, for the purposes of reviewing the album. Later using the Twinkie defense to cite every reason in the book besides being completely unprofessional (Click here for his barely readable explanation, and keep in mind he's under the impression his writing is up to snuff for a nationally distributed magazine), The album was shared with friends, who shared it with friends, and they told two friends, and they told 2 friends, and so on, and so on, and so on...

Alternative Press editor Scott Heisel got wind of the leak and tried to contain it, which I imagine was like trying to avoid the mess made by a 2 litre diet coke bottle when mentos is added by trying to drink it all. In the process, Aaron Hale was snitched on and subsequently fired from Racket and "blacklisted" by both Fat and Alternative Press over the whole ordeal. Which, when you consider the recent lawsuit Axl Rose laid on someone he discovered leaked portions of Chinese Democracy, a simple blacklisting is tame and entirely reasonable.
(Read Scott's account of the story Here)

Sensing an untapped resource for comedy, that mischievous little scamp Mitch Clem marked the return of his scene-based Nothing Nice to Say (pictured right, L-R: Blake, Fletcher) with a new story arc based around the sorted ordeal, arguably painting Fat Wreck in a questionable light early on.
(Read Those Here & Here)

(Art by: Mitch Clem)

Evidently, the story's aforementioned pacing struck a nerve with "Dave", a recording engineer on the D4 album in question. Unaware the story could go in another direction, He took Mitch to task for what he saw as encouraging file sharing and undermining those who would seek to protect their intellectual properity. (Read that amusing exchange here).

Oh, And then everyone on Punknews.org (including some players from the story itself) argued back and forth for a long time.

Dillinger Four haven't commented, and I'm prepared to speculate that they don't care.

As for the album itself, I'll post a review at some point soon, but anti-leak advocates rest assured, I will be purchasing it.


So Click Aprooove!

A few days ago I got a new friend request on the social network de jour, Facebook. Since I've settled in on the site and got my friendships sorted, these kind of requests are few and far between and can usually fall into one of 3 categories.

The first being the hold-outs finally caving into online social pressures and joining the site. I think everyone should have at least a brief period of "I'm too cool for this shit", I know I do, but when it gets to be too long it admittedly gets sort of annoying. They become that friend at your 8th birthday that insists they "don't like" pizza. I'm all for non-conformity, but it generally works best when not either rooted in a lie (everyone likes pizza) or when theres a point to it. Facebook has become a genuinely useful thing, with the only adverse qualities being the slightly unnerving but easily ignorable fact that your info and habits are most likely being sold. But you're not Sandra Bullock and this isn't "The Net" (Π), so relax. Eat the fucking pizza.

The second are friends-of-friends whom I met at a bar or some other social gathering, said we'd add each other to facebook, and then will proceed to never speak to each other again. This is fairly self explanatory; only breifly conversing with someone once isn't great fodder for e-mails or wall posts. It doesn't matter if you saved someones life that night, there isn't a lot you can say beyond "remember when we saved that dudes life...hope he's alright".
So we both let ourselves off the hook and don't bother.

The third is a newer category. The automatically generated by facebook, "People you may know" Category. These are made up primarily of people you do infact know, but not that well. Them adding you is always nice because it's a way of saying "yes, we ARE that close". That, or "I've decided your not THAT much of an asshole". It's taking the friendship to the next level. It's the cheap promise ring of shallow online friend accumulation. Personally, I'm always wary of taking the first step in these situations because I'm afraid of Commitment I always reason that if we have 24 friends in common, theres probably a reason I haven't been added already. Hey, atleast I know they'll be in the "People you may know" box, should I ever need to contact them.

This one however, didn't fit into any of those categories.
This was a lady that I didn't recognize at all.
Although I knew she wasn't one of those weird facebook prostitutes, drunk on the knowledge regardless of talent, she may get an MTV show if she adds enough friends. We had 5 friends in common, but these were all good chums from my High School days. These are dudes that I not only remember but could no doubt have lengthly enjoyable conversations with to this day.
This girl was a complete mystery to me. I tried to find my old High School musical Yearbook, but I couldn't. I didn't want to just reject the request, but I didn't want to add them without some explanation either.

So, I thought the best way to gleam the proper information was with the most spectacular lie I could come up with, so I sent her this.

Hi Melissa,

My name is Miss. Pennycandy and I'm Matt's hospital assigned assistant. I feel I should inform you that back in 2001 there was an "incident" involving Matt. I can only assume you're a friend of his, so this may be hard to hear.
Matt was trying to get his name in the Guinness book of world records for reciting "The Great Gatsby" in it's entirety while underwater, and fell victim to a near lethal combination of water-lung, asphyxiation and mild dyslexia which turned his attempt disastrous, tragically resulting in loss of motor skills, memory, and 1 of his eyeballs. As well, it nearly bankrupting a local goggle manufacturer who acted as his sponsor for the attempt.

It's because of these ailments that I was assigned to help Matt in his day to day tasks, one of which is his online endeavors. You can imagine how hard it must be to operate a computer with bad motor skills and only 1 remaining eyeball. But I digress.
At any rate, I received your add request and when I approached Matt about it (he was soaking in the tub, still chasing his dream, slowly but surely, bless his simple heart) he said something about not remembering anything pre-2001, and then asked if I could make him mini-bagel pizzas.
Perhaps if you shed some light on your post-incident relationship with Matt, it could not only jog his memory but also help with his rehabilitation? It's times like these that he relies on his friends most.

Hope to hear from you,

Miss. Pennycandy, Matt's hospital assigned assistant.

I hope she writes back...



So what if he turned into a Hollywood celebrity, got kind of corny, and was involved in a bad reality TV show?

Reguardless of your feelings on his musical endeavors, Travis Barker's still one of the best and most stylish drummers this generation has ever seen, and a total inspiration to drum hobbyists like myself. His drumming lifts the terrible into at-worst "listenable", and was generally the highlight of whatever piece of music it was a part of.

Todays news was terrible. 4 deaths the eye witness accounts of him and DJ AM on fire that are nothing short of unsettling. I hope to hell he gets better and we get to hear him kick out the jams again.

Fix Your Face

My condolences for the deceased and best wishes for recovery to the living (as trite as it sounds).


This week in Awesome - Third week of September

Random sweet finds from the corners of the internets...

Catholic Comics
Click Here to learn how Gays and Gay Bashers are both equally belong in prison, how dating more than one person will give you AIDS, and how you looking at pornography will turn your father into a child molester.
It's Edu-tainment!

P. Diddy(pee poppa diddy pop)'s Political Video.
Sometimes celebrities get up on the mic to talk politics, and you're taken aback how surprisngly well spoken and informed they are, and how the opinions of someone with a competely different lifestyle, set of circumstances and priorities can so mirror your own thoughts and feelings.
(see: the lead-off story, last "This Week In Awesome")

And then sometimes this happens.

ahh well. Atleast his heart's in the right place. Points for effort.

Speaking of Obama support, a guy made a Giant Lego Obama. Or...


(Photo: Ben Cook/2Hangmen.com)
(Photo: Ben Cook/2Hangmen.com)

Judging from the stern warning on his website, the guy's being kind of a dickhole about how his Lego™ depiction of a public figure is somehow his copywrite (a legal grey area at best). Ok, I'm bullshitting, Maybe you CAN copywrite pictures of something you did to get attention on the internet, but that doesn't mean it isn't kind of silly.
Credit where due ofcourse, but if you run into him, don't tell him I posted these. I don't want to rile someone with that much time on his hands.

...Or, on second thought, DO let him know! Maybe he'll make a giant lego carpet depicting me being killed or sued for copywrite infringement or something. That'd be awesome.

Star Wars Harry Potter secret revealed!

I always knew there was something off about that story. "George Lucas gon' sue somebody!"

AOTS Book Club
Things I've Learned from Women Who've Dumped Me
Anthology, Edited by Ben Karlin, Read by it's contributors.

First off, I should note that I didn't so much read this, as this helped me discover the joys of Audiobooks. My iPod is no stranger to all-talk Podcasts (SModcast, wut wuut!), stand-up, or spoken word, But this was the first genuine audiobook I'd obtained, so it was still a bit foreign to me.
This (audio)book is an anthology of High Fidelity-esque comedic yet surprisingly heartfelt tales of lost love, written and read in the first person by authors and comedians such as Stephen Colbert, Patton Oswalt, Dan Savage & Andy Richter (although I felt most of the best stories were told by those I was heretofore unaware of). Adding to the High Fidelity comparisons, it has a wonderfully written into by Nick Hornby, but as he was unavailable to record, it's reading is handled masterfully by The Daily Show's John Oliver.
The writing is rich and enjoyable throughout, and although some stories are better than others, But like a Ramones album, the ones that aren't as good never feel tedious. This book comes recommended, even more so the audiobook, if you happen to be ridiculously lazy like me.


Bloggin' 'Bout Batman.

Workin' on a piece of writing that's taking me a bit longer to write than I thought it would, so, I thought I would take a break and partake in seemingly every nerdy blogger's favorite past time: unfounded Batman 3 speculation!!

C'Mon Kids! Lets put on our bat-ear shaped tin-foil hats and look into the future!

The consensus online seems to be that the one of the next villains in line will be (or should be) The Riddler. It seems the most logical, as Christopher Nolan's Batman universe completely shies away from anything magical or paranormal (Sorry, Clayface). Riddler isn't a giant alligator -man, can't control plants or doesn't use ridiculous cold puns while encased in a glass dome; He's just a dude who digs riddles.
He's not the most threatening or scary of Batman's villains, but in the right hands I think it could be done well. Jim Carrey was good in the better of Joel Schumacher's disastrous sequels, although he sort of just aped Frank Gorshin's Riddler from the 60s TV show. The front runner for speculation these days seems to be Johnny Depp, and I think if anyone could pull it off, it's him.

Check out this amazing Riddler-centric fan made poster:

Other than the title, it's outstanding.

Angelina Jolie is apparently gunning for a role as Catwoman, which I think has potential. Although it could just as easily be Scarlett Johansson or any other decently attractive actress with a comic-booky figure.
Just give the public enough time to forget about the cinematic abortion that was Helle Berry's Catwoman film, give her as close to the Ed Brubaker costume as possible, and never, ever have her say "ppprrrrrrr" and we'd be in business.
Extra points if they can make it look anything like this...

Hire Adam Hughes as a consultant...

Another one that keeps coming up is The Penguin, which I have to admit, I think would be a terrible idea. I'm pretty much on board for Riddler and Catwoman but Penguin I think is where a line should be drawn. I like Phillip Seymor Hoffman (who seems to be who the majority of rumors point to) quite a bit as an actor, But I think with the grittier tone of the newer films, some of the more campy villains are going to have to be sacrificed, perhaps first and foremost, The Penguin.
Tim Burton turned him into a Nightmare Before Christmas character as a means of translating it to film, which was bad enough.

and people say Tim Burton doesn't have range as a film maker...

Lastly, perhaps the most polarizing question seems to be the inclusion of Robin.
Batman Begins and Dark Knight were very much based off of the universe started by Frank Miller with "Year One" and continued by Jeph Loeb with "Long Halloween" both dealing with the beginnings of Batman.
Christopher Nolan has stressed that his films are early Batman, and that Robin is "in a crib somewhere", Although The Dark Knight took alot of inspiration from "Long Halloween", and "Dark Victory", it's sequel, taking place in "Year Two" introduced Robin (albeit somewhat hastily).
If you ask me, I think introducing Robin would be a bad idea. I don't think a young boy in a circus outfit really makes sense alongside Nolan's Batman.
However, a couple of months ago, Empire magazine from the UK ran a great piece about Dark Knight, which included a grid which showed various characters and who portrayed them in the various movies and TV show, along with a final column for future picks.

click for bigger.

Suddenly, the Robin idea didn't seem so bad.
Ellen Page as Robin!
She could bring a Carrie Kelly kind of plucky junior crime fighter quality that I think might just work.

Both Dark Victory and Frank Miller's newest series "All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder" serve as introductions to Robin that have Batman in a much darker place than usual. Angrier, Grumpier and more prone to adding "God damn" into his name in the case of the latter (see left).

Bruce Wayne is slowly slipping away, overshadowed by his alter ego. It's almost as if he needs Robin to provide a human balance into his life, as The world of the Batman has so overtaken the life of Bruce Wayne. His only way to relate to his newly-orphaned heir in any real way is to give him a costume.
In a sense, Robin saves Batman from himself.

Batman falling deeper and deeper into Darkness? A cute girl in a kato-mask bringing him back from the depths? A crazy villain toying with his mind, leaving riddles at crime scenes? A buxom cat burgler in a PVC Catsuit?

It might not top "The Dark Knight" (and what will?) but it Sounds like a movie I'd go see.

That, or wait like 5 years, and do a shot-for-shot movie of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns.

- m.

ps. this began as a short blurb to show off that fan-made poster, and turned into one of the longest bits on the site thus far.
I love me some Batman. Here's a final picture, just because it's really bad ass.


This Week in Awesome - second week of September/08

First and foremost...

I imagine alot of you have seen this already, but holy crap.


He's Sexist!

No but seriously... Can you imagine if I was actually that dumb?

Lil Matty Damon layin' the smack down. Telling it like it is.
Sure, before you can say "applesauce, bitch", the right wing will be saying how celebrities should shut the fuck up and stick to acting, atleast 'till Toby Keith puts out another song about beating up Arabs, thus making him patriot and an American Hero.

Between being in Kevin Smith films, Fucking Sarah Silverman, and this, Matt Damon is turning into an awfully respectable fellow.

How do you like THEM apples, VP-Candidate Publicity Stunt?

Mambo About Masonry
Ok, I know in last week's "This Week in Awesome" I said Angela's "Hamblogger" was my new favorite Blog, but this is my new, New Favorite Blog™. Officially.
"Mambo about Masonry" is my boy Mark's new writing project, and it's the kind of blog that's so rich in quality it makes me want to quit blogging forever and write clumsy Batman fan fiction instead.
He posts short but clever essays pretty much every day, sometimes more than once, often relating a certain facet of life to music or pop culture.
It's like reading Chuck Klosterman, without that nagging feeling that he wouldn't be any fun to hang out with in real life.
Perhaps most baffling aspect is the quality/quantity ratio. It defies all laws of common sense.
Read Up!

Zack & Miri Make a Porno
Yes, I'm still going on about this fucking movie.
It's awesome though guys, seriously.

Pop vs. Soda vs. Coke
Well, what'll it be?
Personally, it's Pop.
I understand "Soda". It's an american thing, like "Restroom".
But Coke!?! Theres just something so wrong about that.
Calling every Cola "Coke" makes a certain degree of sense; because it's sort of like Kleenex, Rollerblades or Band-aids (not tissues, inline skates or adhesive bandages), where the brand name has superseded the actual product name.
For example, at the bar you don't hear anyone going "Rum n' Pepsi, please", even if thats what's in it.
But do people in Texas call every carbonated drink "Coke"?
Would someone point at your 2 litre of Mountain Dew and say "I'm parched. I'm going to nab some of your coke, guy."
Thats all kinds of wrong! WRONG!
ps. As for the Couch vs. Sofa debate; I say get fancy, roll with "Chesterfield".

Minor Threat Family Tree Billboard
Somewhere in London, Ontario, a punk rock historian is giggling...

Click for big.

This was put up outside of Call the Office in London, Ontario.
Varying reasons for this baffling yet awesome billboard have been given (eleaborate graffiti, art installation, etc), but no concrete answer has been given for it, nor has an artist/historian come forward (to my knowledge).
Queries to London correspondents went unanswered at press time.
The mystery continues...

Oh, and it's past midnight, so Fuck Metallica.


...like the Wiz!

Hey neat, I'm Published!

Between that and my review over at PunkNews.org, I'm doin' pretty good lately with this writing thing (If you ignore not updating for the entire month of august). The fact that it's up over at NewsAskew, an official Kevin Smith site, means that Kevin has almost certainly read it. Which only sort of chills me to the bone with crippling fear. Not that I said anything bad. But I Digress...

So yeah, without spoiling anything, Thats what I thought of Zack & Miri Make a Porno.
My faith in a post-askewniverse Kevin Smith is fully restored.


"Like Glengarry Glen Ross?"

I woke up in the 6s today.
Its not the first time, as in the past chronic insomnia and months of unemployment meant going to bed at 9am and sleeping 'till 6pm, but this wasn't that 6. This morning I rolled with 6pm's straight laced, responsable older brother 6am. I now sort of know what AC Slater must have felt like hanging out with Screech. Sure, he'll help you with your home work, but theres just something gross feeling about it.

The reason? It seems I've developed an aversion to seeing movies at the same time as everyone else. I always seem to find a way to see shit early, and I'm not affraid to go great lengths to do so. On this bright and early morning, it was to attend the World Premire of Kevin Smith's "Zack & Miri Make a Porno", starring my non-sexual man crush, Seth Rogan.

Oh Seth Rogan. He's like a human Fozzie Bear.

Living in Toronto has it's ups and downs, but having a world class film festival has always been a decided "up". In previous years I've seen premires of Rushmore, Almost Famous, Vulgar, Bowling for Columbine, A Dirty Shame, Into the Wild, Body of War and even Kevin Smith's Dogma. So it was with excitement I went to the Toronto Film Fest website at 7am to try to obtain tickets...and got this screen close to 100 times.

It was a full ten minutes of refreshing and swearing, when my order for a pair of tickets finally went through. On the scale of inconvieniences, from having to walk down an escalator to having the driver of the car you're in pass out, this was roughly stubbing your toe. Which isn't that bad, but considering I just refured to this festival as "world class", you'd figure they'd have deep enough pockets to buy a decent server to handle the traffic. You'd think it was brought to you by Rogers or something.

I'll be attending the world premire of Zack & Miri Make a Porno.

They released the trailer today, and as soon as I heard, I excused myself, headphones in hand, to watch on my iPhone (more on THAT later) from my work's bathroom.

It doesn't disappoint...

I'll leave you with that. See yuh.

ps. Oh, and scientists might just end the world as we know it.


This week in Awesome - first week of September/08

Lets get current and topical shall we?

Goodle Chrome
Google's "Chrome" launched today, their first foray into the Web Browsing world. And, like the nerd I am, I downloaded it right away and started tinkering.
The Virdict? It's pretty cool, but not yet Firefox cool.
It looks great visually, I like the tabs layout, the multi-page homepage seems sweet and I'm sure Porn Mode Incognito Mode will come in handy, but when I'm on it, I miss features like the "AwesomeBar" and the Most Visited Button. The potential is there, So I guess we'll see.
But the waiting game sucks, so lets play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

(Also, if you're interested, Here's an interesting article about The Making of Chrome)

The Republican National Convention
Is everyone ready to vote for John McCain and Vice President Publicity Stunt? *sigh*
My mind has a funny way of likening everything to a particular simpsons moment, and this is no different: Remember the episode where Lisa developed a non-sexist doll for little girls named Lisa Lionheart?
Barack Obama = Lisa Lionheart
Sarah Palin = Malibu Stacy's New Hat

The choice is yours, America!

My friend Angela does a blog about Hamburgers.
I think it's my favorite blog (Sorry Ted Danson Inc. Rockout.Org UPDATE: Holy Crap! It's being regularly updated again!).
It's such a simple and fun concept, and it must take her no time at all to maintain. Unlike some high falootin' blogs that have no concept and have become a chore to update.
She basically just eats Hamburgers at various resturants, takes photos of them beforehand, and reviews them afterward. FUN!

Everyone should check out HAMBLOGGER
(and Rockout.org, cause apparently he's back to updating again!).

Mishka's 90s Mix
The entire time I've been writing that scatterbrained entry, I've been taking time out to air-drum to This awesome 90s Mix. It's free to download and if you were ever into 90s music (like, if you're older than 8 years old...) you'll probably find something on this you'll dig.
For god's sake, they just blended Smashing Pumpkins into Butthole Surfers!

Get Up Kids Reunion
James Dewees, you Motherfucker.
If you're toying with my emotions, I. WILL. END. YOU.

Thats it. See ya in the funny pages.

- m.


buenos dias deglectorino,

Sorry I haven't been around much to do updates. Work hours ramped up and as has been proven time and time again, left to my own devices, I'm like the Jean Claude Van Damme of Laziness. Ask anyone whos interested in hearing what my next band will sound like, or how that movie script I've been working on is coming along.

Much to my own dismay I've sort of become the living, breathing embodiment of that moment in Family Guy when Stewie berates Brian about the progress of "That novel...you know the one you've been working on...for three years....".

You know the one!

I think alot of it was not wanting to write this very post.
The explaining the month long gap post.
I don't personally view this blog as something anyone reads very often so I don't imagine people are going to care. But, for the record, I'm going to try and do 3 posts a week. 12 posts a month. 144 posts in a year, and so on.
It's not daily and full of bitchy celebrity gossip, but fuck it, it's how I roll.

More soon. Freal.