Too verbose to tweet
OR: Daniel Andriano knows it

So, I recently rediscovered this jam from my formative years. It's sat dormant in my mp3 collection, being transfered from iPod to iPod as technology's planned obsolescence took it's course over the years, but I hadn't played it in a long time. I popped into my head the other day, as forgotten songs are often wont to do, and I wasn't even sure if I still had it, but sure enough, there it was. A neglected digital file, backed up and transfered too many times to count.

Now, I'm not sure my exact thoughts on the song before, other than I liked it, but as I listened this time, something was different. I don't know if I was simply analyzing more, or if the interim years have forged perspective on the song's themes, but this particular listen caught me off guard.

I was going to tweet about it, but upon trying, I found that what I wanted to say about the song in question appeared to be too much to contain within a 140 character bubble. I like Twitter for short, spontaneous bursts of entertainment, but I almost feel like it's being overused, and over-lauded. I feel like, for better or for worse, Twitter is driving people away from writing blogs. There are pros and cons to that; some most blogs are terrible and need to just get to the point, but on the other hand, some ideas cannot be explored within 140 characters.

So, here's my unedited tweet, all +76 characters of it:
"Anyone who's ever found themselves in the awkward and easily criticized position of being mildly infatuated with someone they know they'll probably never even meet, should know Ozma's "Natalie Portman". Brilliant Jam."
and here's the song in question...

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